Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 2014 Update

As you have noticed, we have begun a walkthrough for Injustice: Gods Among Us on our Wii U. We currently have the chapters for Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and The Joker up. The response to this walkthrough has been positive so far and I thank my viewers for that. I am trying to speed up the walkthrough and do more parts so I will have the "all cutscenes/movie" video ready by the time we have 3,000 subscribers! We have less than 20 to go so please keep supporting my channel! I also plan to do something related to Injustice for my 700 video mark as well. The walkthrough will continue as scheduled and will probably be finished early next week.

You may have noticed I have stopped my Mario Kart 8 OST. I may continue this at some point but for now, you should check out channels such as Yoshi's VGM and JezDayy. The Nintendo Digital Event Recaps are going to have to be severely delayed, if I do them at all so "please understand."

I also plan to host a Mario Kart 8 tournament at some point after we finish the Injustice walkthrough so stay tuned for more news.


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