Sunday, May 10, 2015

I'm Not Dead

Guys, I am so sorry I haven't been uploading. My capture card hasn't been working at all and it's been very laggy. I've cleared up a lot of space on my laptop and it seems to be running perfectly now. I've uploaded the first two parts of my new and improved Assassin's Creed III walkthrough which is set to be a complete guide for nearly everything in the game including naval missions, homestead missions, and liberation missions.

I do plan to review Hyrule Warriors at some point but I'm busy working on the walkthrough so that'll take a bit of time.

I hope to start doing discussions at some point (see my last post) and at this point it will probably be about Splatoon and everything that was in the Direct and such. If not, there will be one about our reactions to E3 2015 this June.

I'm surprised my channel's been getting more subscribers despite my frequent breaks at posting videos and my apparent "in-commitment" to the channel. School is just really demanding at this time of the year (you know, thousands of projects and that kind of stuff). I'd really like you fans (because chances are, you're on this site because you enjoy my content) to request to request some videos. Who knows, maybe I'll take another shot at a Q&A?

I do have something going on tomorrow so I'm going to try to upload two parts of the guide / walkthrough for Assassin's Creed III each day starting on Tuesday. I'm also going to do an "all tracks" video for Mario Kart 8. I have a feeling most of you aren't going to want to sit through that so I've decided to do it on 200cc so it'll be faster.

Stay tuned, please.

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