Monday, May 11, 2015

What to Expect from our Latest Feature: Assassin's Creed III Guide / Walkthrough (And Polls)

For now, the main game we'll be focusing on is Assassin's Creed III. The game follows Native American Assassin Connor Kenway who fights to defend his homeland during the American Revolution. His main goal is to wipe out the Templar Order led by his father, Haytham, who are trying to maintain peace in the colonies by taking control.

This is set to be our most in-depth guide yet and it will all be performed by my brother (who I previously referred to as my co-op buddy).

Thanks to one of my favorite YouTubers, packattack04082, I have determined that a guide / walkthrough works best when there is no distracting and at times annoying commentary. That is reserved for a Let's Play. This is not a Let's Play! Here's what to expect:

  • a complete walkthrough of the entire story mode including the present-day Desmond Miles missions (NOTE: full synchronization is so far not going to be one of our main goals during this guide / walkthrough)
  • homestead missions will be performed throughout the story and not at the very end of the walkthrough--all homestead missions will be shown
  • the same goes for naval missions; the main naval missions involving Templar Nicholas Biddle will be completed by the end of the story as well as any alternate ones
  • liberation missions will be shown at the end of the walkthrough
  • we have not yet decided if we will include capturing all of the forts but if we do, it will be in a montage and not in an hour-long video of us trying to find them
  • each part will include more than one mission (part 2 was an exception as the mission featured in that part is approximately 21 minutes long) and will be named according to the main mission featured in the part (ex.: part 1 featured both Refresher Course and A Deadly Performance but was simply named A Deadly Performance). Each part is set to be 20 minutes (15 at the least) to 30 minutes at the most
  • as the location for the Animus Hacks is different for everyone, we will not feature a video of us trying to find them but will instead feature a video explaining them, narrated by my brother (who reviewed Assassin's Creed III)
  • all memory corridors, all Animus Hacks, all leap of faiths, (possibly) all fort captures, and all naval missions are set to be some of the compilation videos featured in this guide / walkthrough
  • we are not entirely sure but we may or may not release a video showcasing the entire story mode of Assassin's Creed III as we did with Injustice: Gods Among Us. This will be a huge undertaking (Injustice's story is only 3 hours long; AC3's is much, much longer) so we're not yet certain this will happen
  • you should probably anticipate all of the cutscenes for the game being released in one large movie video similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Movie, which recently passed 1 million views and is now the most successful video on my channel
  • 2 parts will be released everyday with a few exceptions. After all, I am usually a bit busy with school and all that so don't always expect one (no parts will be uploaded on the date of this post)
Also, I have recently started doing weekly polls related to video games on Google+. However, you can only access it if you are in my Top Fans circle. Keep watching my videos to be added to the circle and I'll notice you in the "Fans" section of my YouTube channel options. A new poll will arrive every Sunday. This week's question: Best Metroid Prime Game?

As always, please enjoy, keep watching, and subscribe! :)

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that we will be including The Tyranny of King Washington DLC pack in our walkthrough to be done after the main story mode.

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